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This is a place where I share my knowledge or anything I find worth sharing.

I’m mainly working with C++ stuff, and sometimes get around to its surrounding ecosystem. Additionally, lately I’ve been researching data mining, machine learning and whatever people mean when they refer to “web technologies”.

So you can expect to see a lot of posts about my experience with different technologies, and whatever else I feel like writing about on a given day.

About Me

I’m a software developer with six years of professional experience in C++ and it’s ecosystem. Throughout my career, I have researched and developed a solid amount of solutions for challenging and interesting problems, optimized and maintained existing codebases, and have had my hands on enforcing new team workflows and improving existing development environments.

In addition to my programming skills, I’m obsessed with automation of repetitive tasks and optimization of various development processes. Over the years, I have utilized Docker and GitLab CI/CD, as well as Bash and Python to provide CI/CD solutions and automate repetitive tasks, enhancing productivity for myself and my teams.

I’m also fascinated with data mining and have a keen interest in machine learning and web technologies. In my free time I’m messing up with data mining tools like scrapy, and trying to catch up with all this fast growing machine learning projects in image and text processing fields.


If you just want to say hi, you can find me on Reddit. For business inquiries, please contact me on LinkedIn.

Bytes Mess
Bytes Mess
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